New Nottingham restaurant given a one star rating for food safety.

An American-style restaurant was awarded a zero rating for food hygiene by Nottingham City Council food inspectors in December 2016.

New Nottingham restaurant given a one star rating for food safety.

The inspectors were concerned that burgers were being served pink in the middle, and this could have resulted in foodborne illness to consumers. The bacteria most associated with burgers is E.Coli O157, which has caused a number of outbreaks over recent years, and has claimed numerous lives.

There was no evidence that any person had been made ill from food served at this restaurant, which has since changed practices and has been re-rated at 5 for food safety.

Food Standards Agency guidelines are to cook burgers and other minced/composite foods made with raw meats thoroughly as dangerous bacteria may be present in the uncooked food. Thorough cooking destroys these organisms and renders the food safe. Some other measures are possible to allow burgers to be served pink, but these are considered by many to be expensive and impractical to implement consistently.

It is also important to have strict controls over the handling of foods throughout the preparation, cooking and service phases in the kitchen to prevent cross contamination on to foods which are cooked or ready to eat.

Food businesses can prevent enforcement action by keeping up to date with Food Standards Agency advice, training staff effectively, and ensuring all kitchen procedures are in line with legal requirements.